It's all about relationships.

Ghost Creative is a graphic design studio and the creative brainchild of yours truly — Steve Ruml.

My business model doesn’t dictate creative and marketing solutions. Clients needs and goals drive everything that I do.

About me.

Hi, my name is Steve Ruml. I am a freelance graphic designer. With each project, I bring over 14 years of real-world experience to the table. All of my experience comes from working as a graphic artist in the printing world, extensive agency work and years of marketing knowledge. I work with small businesses, marketing groups, ad agencies, start-up companies, individuals…just about anyone who appreciates high-quality, professional design.

Work ethic & philosophy
I work hard and I play hard. I like to meet in the middle to keep my career entertaining. I strive for perfection to ensure that every project becomes a success story—from the smallest to the largest projects—and everything in between. I take pride in making my clients look better than others so that they stand out from the crowd. And what keeps me going is knowing that my work really makes a difference.

Interested in working together? 
No pressure. I will let you know how I can help you out. Contact me anytime and we can meet to discuss your project.

There are a number of ways of striking up a conversation with me, so pick your poison, and let's talk.

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