What I do.

Ghost Creative is a full service graphic design agency. That means I can do pretty much everything that will help you get known and make you successful.

Ghost Creative specializes in graphic design, brand development, marketing and printed communication. I help my clients to stand out from the crowd by crafting carefully considered solutions, whether it's a logo, a brochure or a billboard.

It's not just my innovative design solutions that will make you happy - it's my friendly, relaxed approach to good business.

Brand + Identity

Having an identity helps to convey the personality of a product, service or person. It’s important to get it right to differentiate from the competition. Ghost Creative provides branding services to enhance your existing brand or build your brand from scratch.

Identity guidelines help to develop clear, simple, and engaging communications to customers and assist in achieving greater consistency.

I can help by working with clients to produce a logo and identity guidelines which may include a logo, logo application, color swatches, typography, imagery and examples of how these work.

Whether you sell a product or a service, I am here to create the mark you need to make an impact.

Design for Print

I can produce designs for print and organize the production and printing of various items such as:

• Magazines

• Newsletters

• Folders

• Booklets

• Leaflets

• Flyers

• Banners

• Direct mail

• Posters

• Tradeshow stands and graphics

• Packaging

• Pens and promotional gift items

• About anything...

Brand Strategy

The secret to marketing is getting known. I am here to help brand your business, product or organization.

I will work with you to:


• Differentiate yourself from your competition


• Connect with your consumers


• Get a solid return on your investment from marketing


• And most importantly - get known.


Learn more about the process.

There are a number of ways of striking up a conversation with me, so pick your poison, and let's talk.

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