Why work with a freelance graphic designer?

So then why Ghost Creative?

When you hear the phrase “freelance graphic designer,” what image immediately pops into your head? Is it a poorly groomed 20-something, lounging around at home watching Family Guy re-runs, wearing potato chip-coated pajamas, while occasionally getting up to do some client work?

Well, he is out there, but I'm not him.

Some freelancers, like the one described above, give us legitimate, hardworking freelance graphic designers a bad name. All it takes is one bad experience with a freelance designer and one may never use a freelancer again, which is why I work hard to make sure your experience with me, from first contact to project completion, is as professional and pleasurable as it can be.

Most of my clients are very pleased with my experience, quick response time, quality of work, marketing knowledge, professional demeanor, and ability to execute a marketing strategy through design.

More and more small to medium-sized businesses are beginning to pursue and hire freelance graphic designers in order to keep their overhead low. These companies have realized that they can get the same agency quality work from a freelance designer at a fraction of the cost.

Having worked for design agencies, it often amazes me how much they charge when I do the same work as a freelancer for a fraction of the cost. When you work with a design company you end up paying for the project manager, the CEO, the guy who vacuums the carpet and any other overheads they incur, but when you work with a freelancer you work directly with the guy who does the actual work. When it comes to paying for anything you obviously want value for your money, and working with an independent freelancer such as myself is often the best way to do that.

Is it time you take the plunge and test the waters of working with a freelance graphic designer?

Feel free to get in touch with me so we can go over your next design project.

Competitive rates.

Agency quality work without all of the overhead.

Work directly with the guy doing the actual work.

Years of design and marketing experience.


Professional demeanor.

I do all of the work and deliver the final product.

No ego attached.

There are a number of ways of striking up a conversation with me, so pick your poison, and let's talk.

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